Perihelion Design Business Philosophy

Why we started this business--

The world has changed.

The internet makes it possible to run a business with almost none of the constraints or headaches common to businesses of the past.

We can, for example, have a new idea or get one from a customer; research the idea and locate part's sources and technology on the internet; design the part including printed circuit boards on the computer; order the PCB on the internet and get them in 72 hours; order the parts and get them overnight; assemble the prototypes and test them; do all the paperwork (yes, it is still necessary but much of it is easier); test the parts and even enlist customers to help with the testing!

So far our typical development time is measured in weeks. Our costs are quite low.

Modifications to our basic designs are easy, quick, and inexpensive. Please inquire.

Advertising? Is there any media more cost effective than the internet?
No ads in paper publications, ever.
Employees? Temporary; hired only for special projects.
Secretary? Iíll probably never get big enough for one.
Scientists and Engineers? Theyíre online too.
ISO9001? TQMs? Not in this lifetime.
Publications and catalogs: Online totally.
Our market? The entire planet!
You can call, write, email, courier, or send a personal messenger.
We accept any type of remuneration or even negotiated barter. We ship anywhere, and for small stuff or big orders, the shipping is usually free.
Overpaid executives with MBAs? Not here Bubela.
Endless business meetings?--not even one.

This is a new business venture for us and we would appreciate any suggestions you have. Our chief goal is to establish a reputation for reliable, cost-effective designs in the EA field and to supply our customers with wonderful devices. Although Visa and MasterCard prescribe no more than 90- day warranties to limit their liability, I still expect to satisfy our customers.

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